Big Mob Slinky show 30 minutes x 3 times a day

BIG MOB Is a majestic SLINKY walkabout featuring 2,3 or 4 slinkies. During a period of 30 minutes, 4 to 5 different mini shows pop up fusing highly choreographed performance art and bewitching and often hilarious audience interactions. This captivating walkabout has become both a festival and corporate staple all over the world and combining bursts of comic energy with gentle fun audience participation. When performing in Holland the response was "very touching and skilled" - De Gelderlander (Holland)

SLINKY walkabout Pics

Familie Slinky show  15 minutes x 4 times a day

FAMILIE is a compelling atmospheric 4 SLINKY show that is both childishly delightful and powerfully symbolic. Performed on a stage or on any paving ( not sand or grass) this highly choreographed piece synchopates to a driving industrial ambient soundtrack. The slinkies journey through the highs  and lows of being a family crescendoing to a pulsating finale. This  15 minute show continues to mesmerize audiences around the world - a recent higlight being Tao Yuan Summer Children Festival in Taiwan in front of 5000 people!  

Slinky Pics

Slinkie Love   12 minutes x 5 times a day

Back in 1995 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival it all started with SLINKIE LOVE. In this 12 minute show, two slinkies discover each other and soon playfully bond taking the audience on a charming little love story where the slinkies stretch 6 metres high, twisting and curling into a ball, thrilling their audience with a playful and eye-catching performance. When it was performed at Glastonbury Timeout’s review – ‘undisputed highlight of the weekend!

Slinky Pics